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Are You Ready for a Change?

Changes in life can be frightening. As humans, most of us crave "sameness" in our lives. We get stuck in a rut with our jobs, activities, food, and many other things as we move from day to day, week to week, and year to year.

Sometimes this rut makes it more difficult to take care of ourselves because we eat unhealthy food, we don't exercise, and then suffer the consequences. Poor health, weight gain, and premature aging follow. It can be a daunting experience to decide to make changes. Starting an exercise program or even walking into a fitness facility can be overwhelming. 

This is where I come in. With over 30 years of experience in personal training, my mission is to help you achieve your goals with intelligence, experience, compassion and love.

Personal training in Addison

Getting There Together

Our first meeting will be just that, not a workout but an opportunity to get to know each other so we can decide where you want to go and how I can best guide you there, because your changes in life will require teamwork.

I will create a fitness program designed specifically for you according to your current abilities. If you are new to this, workouts will be gentle until you are ready to progress. If you are starting in a more advanced place, your workouts will be more challenging and move on to courageous! It all depends on where you are when we start, and where you want to go.  

Personal Training in Plano

Energy Exchange

It is important to me to keep my prices reasonable to be able to help the people who truly desire my assistance. Other trainers with my experience charge well in excess of $100 per hour. For reasons listed on my "who I am" page, my rates are less.  A ten session package costs $500, paid in advance. The pay-as-you-go option costs $75 per session.

If you are interested in training at your home, call and we can discuss. I have some limited availability for that as well. 


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