How I got here


Growing up in Vermont, I've always been active. My first love was cross country ski racing, where I was on the US ski team from 1976-1980. I then served in the US Marine Corps from 1982-1988. Upon completion of my tour with the Marines I attended Springfield College and earned a BS in Physical Education along with a teaching certificate, and taught kindergarten through ninth grade for about ten years. During these years I also trained individuals and decided to go into training full time in 1997 when I became part owner of a fitness facility called "The Gym" in Dallas TX. I was an owner and operator of this facility for 16 years until it evolved into the current version of the facility known as Physiofit.

Powerlifting record-setting deadlift

  I competed in bodybuilding successfully for 27 years as well as setting a world record in powerlifting at age 40. For most of those years of training people, I specialized in helping high level physique competitors to win competitions. I trained competitors from local levels to professional. I trained actors, professional athletes, models, anybody needing to "look" a certain way.    

Me now


 After a life-changing illness and long recovery, I came back to my work with a very different focus. The superficiality of the competitive world no longer felt good to my spirit, and a change was needed.  I now have a different focus, and am most enriched by helping people to genuinely feel better in body, mind, and spirit. That may mean looking better, but it also may mean being able to play with their grandchildren or go for a hike on vacation. Quality of life is the new focus, and encouragement is the name of my game! 

A client of mine who is a film student used me as the subject of his short documentary project, Muscle Mask. In it you can also see video of some of my competitions. Thank you to Matthew Eisenberg for your insightful work!