What I Do

Personal training in Plano


My approach to health and fitness is one of compassionate guidance without judgement. We all want to feel better but sometimes it may feel completely overwhelming. This is where I come in. We will meet, I'll get to know you a bit and who you are, what you'd like to have help with and then develop an accessible, achievable plan to help get you there.  There will be work, laughter, fun and sweat, and you'll always feel better when you leave than when you'd arrived.

Personal training in Addison

 The nuts and bolts of your plan will include mobility stretches, strengthening, and cardio to varying degrees. These may come in the form of machines, free weights, floor work, body weight exercises, yoga moves, cardio machines, going outside if the weather agrees, or other things that may work for your needs.  I'm here to best help you with your goals, and what feels best may change as we go.



If you would like I can also give extensive nutritional advice, from general suggestions to complete nutritional plans. I don' t push this, but my knowledge is at your disposal. And remember, what you take in is your body's fuel, and 90% of how you look and feel is dependent upon what you eat and drink.